A Wireless security camera system can be convenient for home and small business users who are trying to avoid running wire to a camera at location where power is already present. It saves a lot of time and cost to use a wireless WiFi camera along with a WiFi NVR in some cases where there is direct unobstructed line of sight between the camera and the NVR.

At CCTV Camera World, we take great care in the products we ship. We pair all the cameras and NVRs together so they arrive in working order.

If for some reason, your wireless WiFi camera and WiFi NVR do not communicate to each other, we suggest following the video below to resolve any pairing issues. By resetting or defaulting the camera and the NVR, you can resolve any issues that may arise as a result of settings that you may have configured.

To follow the video we suggest you follow this video while the wireless camera and the NVR from CCTV Camera World are indoors within 5ft of each other without any obstructions in between. Please ensure you are using the correct voltage and amperage power supplies that came with the equipment, and the power adapters are plugged in to a stable hardwired power outlet with surge protector.

In the video we show how to reset our wireless dome camera after removing its dome cover, and how to factory default the WiFi NVR to factory settings.

We then initialize the NVR with a password, set a recover email address, and set some security questions. If you decide to use your own password and recovery email address, please make sure you keep them in a safe place, don't mistype the credentials, and make sure you use an email address you will not lose access to.

After initializing the NVR, and resetting the camera, the NVR and camera will automatically reconnect to one another as shown in the video.

If you have any further questions, feel free to use our Contact Form to get in touch with our support team.

Ray graduated from NYU with a degree in Chemistry and Computer Science. He strongly believes in a buying process that involves customer education and involvement. His vision to make the security camera buying process transparent began with video samples we make of our cameras. We continue to work under Ray's leadership to provide expert, ethical, and expedient support to our customers.

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