DVR recorders these days support traditional analog CCTV cameras, new HD security cameras over coax called HDCVI cameras, and network based IP cameras. Security DVRs can vary in the variety of signal types they support, and can be called Tribrid DVRs or XVRs. These recorders sense camera signal automatically between HDCVI and analog security cameras without the need for user intervention. However, to add IP cameras requires changing the channel type to IP, configuring the camera on the network, and then adding the camera to the DVR.

Sometimes the need may arise on your security DVR to manually specify the channel type. The video below demonstrates the simple steps required to change the channel type on your DVR recorder.

How to change channel types on your XVR

If you have one of our newer security DVRs known as a XVR then follow the video below to change the detected signal type manually

How to change channel types on your DVR

If you have a Tribrid DVR purchased prior to 2018, then please follow the video below

Briefly, below are the required steps to shown in the video above on how to switch signal types on your Tribrid DVR.

  1. First log in to your DVR. Select the camera icon in the bottom left of the Main Menu.
  2. Under the camera menu, select channel type.
  3. You will see three columns, one for HDCVI, one for Analog, and one for IP. To change the channel type, simply click the box for the camera channel and type you are using.
  4. If using HD over coax cameras  just check the box in the column named HDCVI for the associated cameras.
  5. If the camera is an IP camera, it must be added towards the end of your channel selection. For example, on a 16 channel DVR such as the one in this video, the first IP camera is added on channel 16 and you work your way backwards.
  6. Click Apply and your DVR will prompt you to restart. Once your DVR restarts, your channel type will be updated. If adding an IP camera, please see our guide about how to add IP cameras to a security DVR.

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