When you encounter an issue with your security camera system it is important to take necessary troubleshooting steps. To aid with troubleshooting our recorders save system logs. They are accessible by using the Info section on the Main Menu of the recorder. This allows you to select a given date range to search for logs. The logs provide useful information that contain codes or relevant troubleshooting information. Some important logs include: powering off/on, restarts, Hard Disk errors, and account access.

To understand how to access the log section of your DVR or NVR purchased from CCTV Camera World, please watch the video below. Depending on the firmware of your security camera recorder, the menu screen may be the same or different. If it different feel free to submit a support ticket here. Please note we can only assist with purchases made from CCTV Camera World.

If you prefer using the web interface and have network access to your security camera recorder then you can watch the following video to access the system logs via the web interface.

For systems with the older blue interface you can watch the following video to learn how to access system logs for troubleshooting.

The logs have plenty of useful information. Whenever someone logs in remotely, in front of the security camera recorder, or from the local network it will leave a log event stating which user logged in, and at what time. The log will also state when the DVR or NVR performs a time sync from the internet. Or if the recorder reboots for an unknown reason you can find out when it did, and error codes and other details as to why the reboot happened.

If you start to experience intermittent recording or hard drive errors the Log is a great place to start your investigation. Each Hard drive event will have an associated code with it that helps when troubleshooting what is happening. Our support team has a good idea of what each code represents when troubleshooting hard disk errors. Feel free to submit a support ticket here with the error code you have. For more information on how to manage the security DVR hard drive inside, be sure to read this guide.

Our security camera systems also catalog when motion detection, video analytics, and security related events happen. This enables you to easily know what date and time you should search for on recorded video. You can reach out to our support team by submitting a support ticket here to provide a picture of your logs and we will gladly give you more information on what that code means and point you in the right direction for a solution. Please note we can only assist with products purchased from CCTV Camera World.

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