PTZ cameras with RS485 connections can be challenging to setup for the novice user. This video based guide will simplify the setup process when connecting a PTZ camera to our security camera recorders, either that be a DVR or NVR. All analog PTZ cameras and some IP PTZ cameras have a RS485 connection that sends serial data control from the DVR recorder or PTZ joystick controller to the camera. Not only is it important to setup key configuration parameters for the RS485 commands to work, the hardware physical connection setup is very important. If the cameras are connected improperly, then they will not be able to receive commands from the DVR.

Physical hardwired connection

The first step in setting up PTZ cameras with your security camera system is the hardwired physical setup of the camera's RS485 connection to the DVR. This guide will focus on connecting multiple PTZ cameras, for which you will need a PTZ block  to allow multiple 2-lead RS485 wires from the PTZ cameras to communicate with the one RS485 connection found on the back of security camera recorders. You can only connect one pair of RS485 leads to the back of the DVR, not multiple, that's why the PTZ block is needed. The video below will demonstrate on how to properly connect two PTZ cameras to one DVR.


Configuring RS485 protocol settings on your DVR or NVR

Once you have properly connected the cameras to the DVR and the connections are secure, you will need to login to the recorder and setup the RS485 protocol settings for the camera in the DVR's PTZ setup menu. Although it is a simple step, it is often done incorrectly and misunderstood. The following video demonstrates on how to properly configure the DVR  to communicate with the PTZ camera over the RS485 connection.


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