In this video, we are going to show you how to convert your DAV video files to the AVI format so you are able to upload you videos to sites such as YouTube. The first step is to download the DAV player from your provided software disk. Once you have the DAV player, begin by downloading your video to from your DVR to your storage device; this can be a flash drive, or external hard drive. Save this file to your computer and then open the video in the DAV player. You’ll notice that the file plays back in the 4x3 aspect ratio. The video will return to a 16x9 aspect ratio once it’s been converted to AVI and played back in a standard video player, so don’t worry about losing your high resolution or high definition resolutions.

While the video is playing back, right click on the image, and click convert to AVI. After the new pop-up window has opened, click the Convert button. Now, go back and check the file where your DAV video file was saved and locate the newly made AVI version. This AVI file will now appear much larger than the original DAV in your more familiar video players, such as Windows Media Player or VLC Media Player. Being in the AVI format, your video will now also be able to be uploaded anywhere you please; this includes sites such as Facebook and YouTube.

You can download the DAV player here.

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