The IP address of your security camera recorder is an important piece on information that you should know. Knowing the IP address for the DVR or NVR recorder will allow you to follow the guides and tutorials that you may need depending on your use case scenario. Most commonly, the IP address is needed to access the recorder over the LAN (Local Area Network) that is the local computer network as opposed to the WAN (Wide Area Network) which is usually the Internet.

What is an IP address?

An IP address is like a digital postal addresses that is assigned to digital devices on a computer network like a computer, smart phone, light switch, IP camera, or security camera recorder. IP addresses tell computer networks where data should go and which devices need to communicate. In this article we’ll focus on the LAN IP address of the security camera recorder. The IP address of the DVR or NVR is crucial in being able to use the recorder over the LAN so commands from your PC or Smart Phone can communicate it to perform a wide variety of functions such as:


How to find the IP address of your security camera recorder?

The default IP address of a security camera recorder from CCTV Camera World is

Your IP address may be different because of two possible reasons:

Watch the video below to learn where the IP Address setting can be located in the main menu of the DVR. To follow this guide you need to be in front of the recorder with a mouse and HDMI or VGA monitor connected to it.



Briefly, the 4 easy steps to find the IP address of your DVR or NVR recorder are as follows

  1. Access the main menu of the recorder after logging in as the admin user. The default login information can be found on a label attached to the top of the NVR or DVR.
  2. Click the Network option under the Setting section of the main menu.
  3. The default tab is the TCP/IP tab where the IP address setting is located. If you are not on the TCP/IP tab click the TCP/IP tab on the left hand side of the interface.
  4. The IP address is found in a list and its corresponding NIC (Ethernet Port) name, along with other information.

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