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How to set your 4-in-1 Security Camera

4-in-1 security cameras are mainly wanted for their compatibility. This security camera type can be used in CVBS, HDCVI, AHD, and TVI systems when properly configured. Their ability to accommodate multiple systems is a key reason why 4-in-1 security cameras are sought after and used so frequently. The 4-in-1 security cameras have a toggle switch which is used to set the video mode the camera should be in. The location of the toggle switch varies between different camera types. Some cameras do not have a toggle switch and allow video switching using a XVR or UTC controller. Through the video demonstrations in this guide you'll be able to discern which type of 4-in-1 camera toggle is on your security camera, and the best way to change the video mode in order to have the best quality picture for your DVR.

If your picture on the 4-in-1 camera has a blue tint, is black and white, or not the resolution you want, than its best to check on a few things. The camera could be in the wrong signal mode, or some picture settings could have been configured without your knowledge. In the videos provided below you'll be able to identify and solve the problem you are having with your 4-in-1 security camera.

When using the toggle switch, be sure to flick the joystick in the direction you want the video mode to be in. Pressing down will access the On Screen Display (OSD). Also provided below is a video on how to reset the OSD, if you need to reset the camera's image settings.

Through these videos, you'll capably be able to setup the video mode of a 4-in-1 camera.

How to switch 4-in-1 Cameras with toggle on pigtail

How to switch video on 4-in-1 Cameras

How to switch bullet cameras with toggle underneath camera

How 4 in 1 Cameras Work

How to switch a 4in1 Dome Camera with switch inside

If you have purchased a dome security camera like our HD2060 you will find the toggle switch inside the camera. Here's a video on how to switch the camera to the signal type of your choice.

How To Switch 4 in 1 Dome Camera using its OSD

How to Confirm Video Mode on a 4-in-1 Security Camera

If you don't know what mode your camera is in, then the video below will help you determine the signal mode by connecting the camera to one of our DVR.

How to confirm Video Mode on a 4-in-1 Security Camera

How to reset the OSD menu on your 4-in-1 camera

If you have managed to set incorrect image settings on your security camera using the OSD, then the video below will help reset the settings.

How to reset the OSD menu on your 4-in-1 camera

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