PTZ cameras are an important tool in a security camera system that allows for easy surveillance using manual commands from a PTZ keyboard controller, security video recorder, or our computer based monitoring software. To automate surveillance, most of our Pan Tilt Zoom cameras allow the user to set memorized positions of interest that account for position in the XYZ axis and zoom level; these memorized positions are called Presets. You can call these Presets using a command corresponding to the number of the Preset. If you have multiple Presets, you can call them in sequence by creating a Pattern and let the PTZ run on that pattern indefinitely.



It is important to understand that if you place the camera on an indefinite Pattern you will be stressing the motor of the PTZ camera. We suggest you set a slow speed pattern and with at least a 15 second dwell time between different Presets to prolong the life of the motor. Having the camera Pan continuously will burn the motor and void your warranty.

Using the Web Interface to Setup a Network PTZ

If you are using a IP PTZ camera without a DVR or NVR you can configure presets by using the web interface. Your camera must be on the same network as your computer to be able to access it's web interface. To find more information on how to add your camera to your local network, please follow our guide on how to connect security cameras to the internet. Here is a video showing how to set presets using the web interface to access a network PTZ camera.

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