If you'd like to reset your IP camera or PoE Camera because you are locked out, the recommended way to do a reset is to login to the camera's web interface and press the forgot password button. You will be prompted to either answer some security questions, or a password recovery code will be emailed to the address entered at the time of initialization.

However, if you are unable to get into the camera's web interface some camera models may have a reset button for convenience. Otherwise, the camera will need to be sent in to us for reflashing which is at cost to the customer.

How to use the reset button on an IP camera

Use extreme caution when pressing the password button on the camera, especially those cameras where the reset button is located on an exposed PCB board. Damage caused as a result of negligence or user error is not covered by the product's limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

Here are the simple steps to follow to properly resetting the camera:

  1. Turn off the camera by unplugging its network cable from the PoE power source or 12V DC source
  2. We suggest this is not done on carpet as ESD will damage the camera
  3. Using a manual hand driven screw driver or allen wrench open the compartment where the reset button is located according to the images below for your specific camera model
  4. Connect the camera to a PoE power source and wait about 3 minutes for the camera to completely boot up
  5. Using a plastic tool, eraser on the top of a pencil, or your finger, press the reset button down gently for 15 seconds. In some cases the reset button is very thin, you may need to use the edge of your fingernail to press down on it.

The camera will reboot and will be in an uninitialized state. If you are using it with a compatible NVR it can be plugged in to the PoE ports on the back of the NVR and the camera will sync with the NVR. Otherwise please follow this guide on how to initialize the camera: https://www.cctvcameraworld.com/connect-security-camera-to-internet/

Reset button locations

Bullet Camera

This is where the reset button is located for the IPC4K15 camera. Other bullet cameras with a reset button will have a compartment on the bottom of the camera.

Dome Camera

This is where the reset button is located for the IPC4K15D camera. Other dome cameras with a reset button will have a button located somewhere on the board of the camera. It's often found near the image sensor under the lens assembly.

Cameras without a reset button

Fortunately, most of our IP cameras include a web interface password reset function that can be accessed via the "Forgot password?" button in the web interface. The reset procedure includes scanning a QR code and sending an email with the text string of the code to an automated reset email. If you have not changed the camera's recovery email address, the reset code will be sent to our support department, and then you can request the security code to reset the password. Please keep in mind that security codes are only valid for 24 hours after being generated. In the video below, you can learn more about the QR code reset process.

There is no easy way to reset cameras that do not feature a web interface reset, a reset button, or cameras that have a reset button located in a place that requires factory servicing. For those cameras the only way to reset them is with factory servicing. While we wish there was a master password available, there is not. Factory servicing includes our technicians finding the reset button if one exists, or by a process called serial firmware. Please note attempting to service your own camera will result in voiding your warranty and potentially causing irreversible damage to the camera. Password resets of this nature are handled as an out-of-warranty service with an associated fee. Contact our support department for more information by submitting a support request at the following link: Tech Support Form. Have your order number, and product information ready to successfully submit the request.

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