Intrusion smart detection is a video analytics function on select security cameras we carry here at CCTV Camera World. Just like Tripwire, Intrusion detection monitors an area by detecting and surveying movement to capture events. The Intrusion feature is an intuitive Smart Detection method that is used to record break-ins or other criminal activity for prosecution. With proper configuration, Intrusion detection is applicable for almost any scenario. It can be used for supervising a warehouse, bank, retail store, or just watching entries and exits to even covering windows. As show in this guide, draw a virtual box around your entry/exit point to monitor any area for trespassing.

Unlike Tripwire, Intrusion rules can be drawn in any polygonal shape and be adapted to fit almost any region of interest. Simply click and draw around the area you wish to watch. If someone were to cross the area of interest, the scene would be recorded with possibilities for alert notification. When configured correctly, Intrusion detection allows notification by email or push alert to a Smartphone. It can even send a snapshot with a picture of the intruder to your email, while recording the event on video to a recorder. If you have your security cameras already setup for remote viewing, then quickly access and view your security camera system using your Smartphone or PC when alerted.

One common business use we found is using Intrusion at a bank. The placing of an Intrusion rule around important doorways allows a user to monitor whoever enters and leaves. Use your security camera to be more cost-effective without sacrificing safety and still have video recordings of everyone entering and/or exiting.

The home consumer can use the Intrusion detection function as an effective deterrent as well. You can draw an Intrusion rule around the doorways at home. When away from home on a vacation, you can receive precise alerts when an entry is crossed compared to unreliable video based motion detection. With some systems you have the option of adding a Siren as an alarm-out to your security camera system which can help scare criminals before they can even attempt to steal. Either that, or you can just receive an email alert about your neighbor coming over to walk your dog.

Again, like Tripwire, Intrusion should be set with the expectation of a targeted subject moving outside or inside the perimeter for proper detection. Intrusion is best when the area being guarded is subject to infrequent movement. With this description and the video supplied above, capably set the Intrusion smart detection function to ease your security concerns while still being alerted quickly of any event that may arise.

Smart Detection features can also be configured and set up using the web interface for your NVR or DVR. By accessing the web interface of your security camera system you can enable Smart Detection, create rules, and configure alerts. It is important to mention that Smart Detection features are proprietary, meaning Smart Detection features will only work with compatible equipment purchased from CCTV Camera World. Third party cameras and recorders will not be able to access and utilize Smart Detection features. All of the smart cameras we offer support Smart Detection include the digital tripwire, and intrusion detection zones. In our video below we show how to set a tripwire and intrusion rule, and confirm your recording schedule. After you’ve set Smart Detection you can search recorded video based on what was recorded from your Smart Detection rules.

We recommend using a conservative and logical approach to configuring these rules so that the number of rules are minimized.

If you do not have web browser access to your security camera system you can still set up Smart Detection using a mouse and monitor with your system. The process is similar to using the web interface of the cameras. First enable Smart Detection, then create your rules. After your rules are created and you’ve configured trigger settings you can then set your recording schedule to pick up those rules. When Smart Detection is configured properly it will record under the “IVS” classification and shows up as a different color on the timeline. Watch our video below that demonstrates how to set up and configure Smart Detection on the video recorder of your camera system, as well as playback video using a mouse and monitor.

Don Stephens is a Technical Support Manager at CCTV Camera World, a leading Security Camera distributor located in Buffalo, NY. His area of expertise is in designing professional security camera systems for medium and large scale businesses, schools, and government projects.

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