Accessing the web interface of your security camera recorder is one of the most important things to learn when managing your own security camera system. The web interface of an NVR or DVR purchased from CCTV Camera World is almost the same as being in front of one with a mouse and monitor. The web interface enables a customer to easily view, and manage their system from one convenient location.

It is important to note that we only recommend using the web interface for configuration purposes. If you intend to view your security cameras from a Windows PC or Mac computer then you will want to use our Camera Monitoring Software instead as it offers better performance and does not require you to manually login with a user name and password each time the program is launched.

Support for multiple Web Browsers

The web browser you can use depends on the generation of your security camera system or its recorder software version. If the software version of the DVR or NVR recorder is 2020 or newer, then you can use modern browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari to view the system. However, older camera systems require Internet Explorer and the web video player plugin for live viewing and playback.

compatible html5 web browsers to use with our cameras or recorders

How to access the web interface of a DVR or NVR

All you need to access the web interface of a DVR or NVR other than a computer and network is the recorder’s IP address. Our DVR and NVRs are shipped with a default IP address of or If you’re unsure what your NVR’s IP address is, it can be found in the network menu inside the recorder's GUI interface. Here's a quick guide on how to find the IP address of your recorder.

The video below demonstrates how simple it is to login to our surveillance camera recorders and serves to provide first time customers an overview of what the interface looks like.

Below is an outline of the simple steps involved in viewing the recorder from a web browser.

  1. Open a web browser that is compatible with your recorder. For DVRs and NVRs with software dated before 2020, the most compatible browser is Internet Explorer. It is accessible from the Windows 10 start menu by searching for “ie” or typing out “Internet Explorer”. In the video above we use Google Chrome because our recorder is the latest generation.
  2. Type the IP address for your NVR or DVR into the address bar of the web browser. The default IP address for our NVRs is or You can even use this link if your NVR has the default IP address:
  3. As we mention above if you’re unsure what the IP address of your recorder is, check it out by navigating to the network settings menu. You can read more about finding the current IP address of your recorder in our post here.
  4. Login using the admin account. The default username and password can be found on a label on the top of the DVR or NVR that we place on the units before shipping. Press Enter on your keyboard or click the Login button to finish logging in.

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