Video analytics offered by some security cameras has application beyond security and safety. Heat Mapping is a Smart Detection function offered in some of our high-end network camera products. It is a video analytics tool to provide a graphic overlay in the form of a heat map displaying the area and frequency of motion detected in the video captured by a camera. Heat Mapping is mentioned in many high-end business magazines and news websites, such as TheVerge and CNN, as a quality merchandising tool. A heat map of motion detected in an area can be used to track customer movement to better understand consumer behavior. Heat Mapping is also used to evaluate the traffic of populated areas, whether that be a museum, highway, or amusement park.

Heat Mapping identifies the area of interest with a series of colors ranging between red and blue. Red, yellow, and orange areas would be described as hot spot areas, while blue and green signify low traffic areas.

As shown in the setup video above, after the Heat Mapping rule has been properly configured on one of our security cameras, specify the times you'd like the statistical map to refresh and express data in a color coordinated picture. Keep in mind the heat map isn't a recording, but a picture that organizes the information appropriately into an image based map of the area the camera has been monitoring. The Heat Map function can fetch historical data captured by the camera from up to one weeks' worth of recording.

Heat Mapping can also be used while other Smart Detection functions are active, such as Missing Object Detection, Intrusion, and Tripwire. Still, accessing this information can better allow a store or museum to optimize product potential using the graphical representation of data in the report tab. Combined with one of our professional grade NVR, a security camera's Heat Mapping capability is a cost-efficient and easy to use method to analyze video data and improve business processes.

For example, in retail stores, Heat Mapping analyzes and informs a store owner or manager of the areas customers are more drawn to. With that knowledge, a store can catalog hot selling items while determining the issue with products that never seem to move. Instead of using your security camera only for security purposes, use the smart Heat Mapping function to help market and improve your business.

Don Stephens is a Technical Support Manager at CCTV Camera World, a leading Security Camera distributor located in Buffalo, NY. His area of expertise is in designing professional security camera systems for medium and large scale businesses, schools, and government projects.

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