Security camera systems from CCTV Camera World are designed to provide the end user with several methods for storing security video and snapshots. Our DVRs and NVRs support local recording to an internal hard drive as most surveillance recorders do. In addition, with our security camera recorders you can record video and snapshots to a FTP server using the FTP protocol. This can be done to a local server or NAS or to a remote sever in the cloud. FTP video and snapshot storage is great for backup as a secondary method to safeguard against theft of the primary recording unit.

The first step is to connect your security camera or security camera system to your network.

If you have one of our IP security cameras that supports a microSD card, we have an instructional guide on how to record to a SD card security camera that illustrates how to record video, pictures, and snapshots onto a security camera.

Although recording security camera snapshots to a FTP server requires slightly more technical knowledge and understanding than configuring basic security camera functions, the setup takes only a few minutes and is explained in the video below. It is assumed that you already have a FTP server of your own already setup. In the video below we use a Ubuntu virtual machine to demonstrate how FTP functions work with our security cameras and security camera recorders.


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