CCTV Camera World's professional quality security cameras offer a plethora of options that can be set within the camera. Many cameras on the market offer settings to control brightness and contrast, WDR, and image flip, but very few offer the ability to control the day and night settings of the camera. All security cameras with infrared LEDs have a photosensor commonly found in the front of the camera that allows the camera to switch to black & white mode for night when there is darkness, and color mode for day where adequate light is sensed by the photo sensor. For most surveillance cameras with night vision this process is automatic and cannot be controlled.

Auto Day & Night switching without user control or customization is true for all cameras that run over coax cabling as there is no web server to login to the camera and configure it. IP cameras offer an advantage over coax based surveillance cameras such as HDCVI cameras in this regard where settings can be customized to suit peculiar camera locations.

Our network cameras allow a plethora of settings that can be customized by logging in to the camera over the network using its IP address. If you don't know how to log in to the camera, here's a helpful guide on how to connect a IP security camera to your computer.

As the video below demonstrates, once your are logged in to the web server of the camera you can control the infrared LEDs of the camera so that they are turned on or off all the time using manual control. You can also set black & white or color modes of the camera to be one or the other constantly. Where our security cameras shine is the ability to set custom day & night profiles in the camera as explained in the video below. We also have a written guide about this here.

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