Face detection is a Smart Detection function used to detect whether a face has appeared in a video feed. It uses video analytics to detect the shape of a face; specifically, the space between the eyes. Once a face is detected, the camera then sends a picture of the information to your NVR to analyze and process the data in order to improve its functionality. The more face detection is used, the better the application performs. Setup properly, face detection has the capacity to take a snapshot of a face, record faces and action happening, and notify you via a push alert to your Smartphone or email.

If you have recent reports of criminal activity in your neighborhood, you can use face detection to capture and catalog faces of potential suspects while recording security footage with our 4K security cameras. For best results, plan the installation of your cameras above all exits and entries to gather faces of all individuals that walk up to the house.

Although face detection is a new and highly sought-after technology it still has several limitations. Face detection is only able to detect that there is a person in the line of sight of a security camera. It does not recognize the person. If close enough, the camera will activate and use the settings you have configured on your camera. With face detection, you have the option of recording a face within approximately twenty feet of the focal length of the camera.

While recording, the camera can take a snapshot of the intruder. With the face detection or other smart detection functions, your security camera can alert you of anyone who is trespassing your area of interest. Now, information can be digitally stored and used when it really matters. To identify a crime before it happens.

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