Security Cameras Inc

Security Cameras Inc

Affordable security products essential to securing your home or business

Looking for reliable surveillance without the premium price tag? Look no further. Security Cameras Inc products are an affordable solution backed by quality support from CCTV Camera World. They are great for consumers who prioritize both value and quality.

Security Cameras Inc products offer excellent image clarity, powered by AI video analytics to provide smart event detection to filter recording or notification of unwanted events. The user-friendly design of the recorder interface or remote viewing App ensures effortless usage, even for beginners. The PoE cameras seamlessly integrate with Security Cameras Inc's NVRs, unlocking AI-driven motion detection capabilities. Plus, remote viewing has never been easier! Simply scan a QR code to access your camera system from anywhere via the internet. They are great for home security camera systems consisting of professional products.

As with all products from CCTV Camera World, Security Cameras Inc comes backed by our renowned, easy-to-reach support experts. Whether it's rain, snow, or dust, these cameras can brave it all with their IP67 and higher weatherproof ratings. Simplified installation using a single cable for video, audio, and power ensures DIY installation is achievable for everyone.

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Simplicity at its Best

Forget the cumbersome setup processes. With plug and play connectivity, integrate Security Cameras Inc cameras seamlessly with their NVRs. No IT expertise needed. Perfect for motivated DIY enthusiasts!

4K Security Camera

Free Computer Software

There is also dedicated software for both Windows and Mac computers that allows for flexible remote viewing.

Outdoor rated, rain, snow or shine

User-Friendly Setup

No more calling for installation professionals. If you're comfortable with a ladder and can run some cabling, you’re all set. Make it a fun weekend project!

Night Vision Camera

Stand Alone or Integrated, Your Choice

While Security Camera Inc's PoE cameras and NVRs work seamlessly together to provide a full security solution, they are equally as effective as standalone web cameras. Enjoy up to 2 days of continuous recording with microSD storage.

Smart surveillance camera powered by Artificial Intelligence

Plug-in Free Viewing

Say goodbye to annoying plugins. Our systems are optimized to work with the latest web browsers on both Windows PCs, Mac, and even Linux computers!

Business building security

Internet-Free Functionality

While PoE may imply Internet connectivity, it's not a requirement. These home security cameras use a single ethernet cable for power and video transmission by taking full advantage of PoE technology. However, should you wish to tap into the power of remote viewing, a hardwired broadband internet connection is your key.

Smart surveillance camera powered by Artificial Intelligence

Remote Access Anytime, Anywhere

On-the-go? Access your home security system's feed effortlessly using the free SCI View app, available for iOS and Android. Just connect, scan the QR code, and you're in!

Business building security

NDAA Compliant

In today’s age, trust is paramount. These systems proudly adhere to NDAA compliance, ensuring they're not manufactured by any blacklisted entities.

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