Are you looking for QSEE security camera replacements and/or suitable QSEE DVR replacements? CCTV Camera World can assist you. We helped numerous customers in finding appropriate replacements for their existing security cameras and recorders even before Q-See went out of business. Our full line of DVR recorders are compatible with almost every BNC video format that QSEE has ever utilized, except for HD-SDI. All of our Pentabrid DVR recorders (also called XVR) support 5 signal types: AHD, HD-TVI, HD-CVI, analog CCTV (CVBS), and IP. Be sure to read the product description of each DVR and confirm your existing cameras are not higher resolution than what the DVR supports.

Please note we are in no way related to Q-See, and there are no free replacements.

The best way to assist you with replacing your QSee equipment is by emailing our technical support department filling out our tech support form here. Select that you have not made a purchase from us in order to submit the form. Information outlined below is required in writing to suggest a suitable replacement.


Which DVR or NVR is Compatible with Q-SEE Cameras?

To determine which DVR from CCTV Camera World with your existing DVR, we would need the model number of your Q-see DVR. While we're all looking for quick and easy answers, doing some fact finding about the model of your current DVR will save you a lot of time and hassle.

The model of a Q-see DVR is usually located in the front of the DVR, or on a label on the bottom of the DVR. In the image below we show some actual examples of what the model number may look like on your recorder, either it be a DVR or NVR.

Examples on what a QSEE model number label looks like

Q-see carried 3 different lines of security camera recorders. We've listed them below and written some notes about each series:

QC Series

You may have an analog DVR or an NVR for use with a PoE Camera. Regardless of which type, we carry both cameras and recorders that are QC series friendly. You just need to confirm the model number of your recorder so we can confirm what's the highest resolution supported by your DVR NVR.

We offer DVR recorders in two varieties:

  1. Max Support for 4MP 2K security cameras
  2. Max Support for 4K security cameras

Our NVR recorders all support a max of 8MP or 12MP depending on the model.

QT Series

The QT series surveillance camera recorders by Q-see were sourced from two different manufacturers and are the most difficult to replace. For suggesting a replacement recorder we need the model number of the Qsee DVR or NVR that you have. It is too complicated to explain how to choose a suitable replacement, and we suggest replacement models ourselves.

Knox Series

The Knox Series by Qsee was an NVR system which worked with an IP Camera only. The Knox Series NVRs worked with Presidio Series IP cameras from Q-see. Our NDAA compliant security cameras and video recorders are compatible. Please email us the model number just to be sure.

How to replace a QSEE DVR

What do DVR recorders from CCTV Camera World Offer?

  1. Almost all BNC video formats are supported – including HD-CVI, HD-TVI, AHD, and analog CCTV (CVBS). All of these video formats have been utilized by QSEE at some point. All of them are compatible with Avalonix DVRs.
  2. Compatible with all coax camera resolutions — QSEE produced a wide range of BNC / coax cable security camera models in a variety of resolutions. All video resolutions are supported by 4K Avalonix XVR Recorders: CIF, D1, 960H, 1MP/720p, 2MP/1080p, 3MP, 4MP, 5MP, and 4K 8MP. You may want to consider the following 4K DVR XVR based on your needs:
    1. 4 Channel 4K DVR Recorder
    2. 8 Channel 4K Security DVR
    3. 16 Channel 4K Security DVR
  3. Easy to Use - See how simple Avalonix DVRs are to use in our Security Camera System video guides.
  4. Support IP Cameras — In addition to BNC cameras, our Pentabrid XVR Recorders support IP cameras over a local network when paired with a PoE Switch.
  5. Great iPhone and Android Apps – The iPhone and Android apps for Avalonix DVRs are reliable and easy to use. The apps allow users to monitor live feeds from their security camera system as well as search and playback previously recorded footage. If you'd like to learn more about the look and feel of our smartphone app, there are overview videos about our mobile App you can watch.
  6. Outstanding Desktop Software – Both the Windows and Mac versions of our Central Monitoring Software are excellent. The software allows you to monitor cameras from afar and watch recorded surveillance video. Instructional videos for the desktop software can be found in our Central Monitoring Software guide.
  7. Unmatched Service & Support – Big-box store brands and Amazon merchants are known for either not having a phone number or having extraordinarily long waits. Not to mention the poor service provided by their technicians. Don't worry, we have expert US-based professionals on hand to assist you via free email-based support, with response times under 2 hours during business hours. We also offer a paid remote support service by appointment for users who would prefer help from a professional tech to maintain their system.

How to replace a QSEE NVR

What do NVR recorders from CCTV Camera World Offer?

  1. Support for QSEE, Lorex, Amcrest, Axis, and more – Avalonix NVRs can connect to and record a variety of cameras from a range of different brands and manufacturers. You can at least expect a video stream from most cameras that use the ONVIF protocol. Please submit a support ticket using the link at the top right of the website if you want to learn more about compatibility information for a specific camera brand or model.
  2. Compatible with all IP camera resolutions — 4K Avalonix NVR Recorders support all video resolutions, ranging from 1MP 720P to 8MP 4K. Based on your requirements, you might want to explore the following 4K NVR recorders:
    1. 4 Channel 4K NVR Recorder
    2. 8 Channel 4K Security NVR
    3. 16 Channel 4K Security NVR
  3. Easy to Use - See for yourself how simple Avalonix NVRs are to use in our Security Camera System video guides.
  4. Free Remote Viewing Apps – The iPhone and Android apps are great and are included with your purchase. Users can watch live remote cameras and search for and playback previously recorded footage using the app. For more information about the mobile apps, here are some overview videos to watch.
  5. Convenient PC or Mac Software – The Central Monitoring Software is excellent on both Windows and Mac platforms. You can view recorded surveillance footage and monitor cameras from afar using the software. Our Central Monitoring Software guide has video tutorials for installing and using the desktop software.
  6. Extraordinary Support – High volume, low cost brands and Amazon sellers have a reputation for not having a phone number or for having extremely long support queues. Let alone their technicians' lackluster service. We have US-based experts ready to help through our free email-based service, with same-day response times usually within hours of initial contact. For customers who prefer hands-on remote assistance we also have a paid support service available by appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Are all QSEE cameras compatible with Avalonix DVRs?

No. 90 percent of QSEE cameras with a BNC connector, on the other hand, are compatible. HD-SDI is the only signal type that Avalonix DVRs do not support. Fortunately, HD-SDI was not widely used in the security camera business, and QSee did not carry it for a long time. CVI, AHD, TVI, and analog CVBS signal types are all supported by Avalonix DVRs.

Our DVRs also function with most QSEE IP cameras when connected to a local network using PoE switches.


What resolutions are supported?

The resolutions supported are determined by the Avalonix DVR model you purchase. We offer two security DVR lines: 4K 8MP and 2K 4MP. The following resolutions are supported by our 4K security DVRs: 4K 8MP, 5MP, 2K 4MP, 1080P 2MP, 720P, and analog resolutions down to CIF. With the exception of 3MP, our 2K security DVRs support resolutions of 4MP and smaller.

Do your systems have remote access to view security cameras?

Yes! With the purchase of a compatible security DVR from our website, you get free remote access and viewing. In fact, our iPhone iPad App for Remote Viewing Your Security Cameras article gives you a sneak peek at the mobile app and how to use it. Yes, the app is also available for Android.

Can I use my existing cable that is already installed?

The short answer is, yes, you'll be able to use your existing installed cable when replacing your QSEE DVR in most cases. It's worth noting, however, that QSEE typically sold systems with thin pre-made cable that couldn't support ultra HD 4K quality. If you want to update any of your cameras to 4K or 8MP, you'll need a high-quality roll of solid copper RG59U cable and connectors.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes, we offer free technical support by email for the life of the security DVR. On request, we also offer paid remote phone support that can be scheduled on an appointment basis. Depending on the support queue, our email support response times usually range from 15 minutes to an hour or two.

Is there a demo of the DVR?

Yes. We have a comprehensive tutorial on How to Use a Security Camera System, including videos that demonstrate the majority of the basic features on our security DVRs.

How do I know if my QSEE recorder is a DVR?

BNC connectors are used for video transmission on security DVRs. Ethernet or network cable interfaces are available on security NVRs. Any of our Avalonix security DVRs will likely serve as a replacement for your QSEE system if you have a recorder with BNC ports. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on which DVR to buy.

Is your tech support based in the USA?

Our warehouse and offices are located in the United States, and our knowledgeable staff provides all professional support in-house. There are no language barriers or long wait periods because our quick and efficient techs respond to emails in plain English.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes, we offer free technical support by email for the life of the security DVR. On request, we also offer paid remote phone support that can be scheduled on an appointment basis. Depending on the support queue, our email support response times usually range from 15 minutes to an hour or two.

Matt Rossi is a Technical Support Manager at CCTV Camera World, a leading CCTV Camera distributor located in Buffalo, NY. He is a technical support expert for everything video surveillance related.

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