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Using People Counting Analytics on your Security Camera

People Counting analytics is available as a Smart Detection function in select security cameras by CCTV Camera World. People Counting technology is a sought after video analytics function in surveillance cameras used for retail analytics, queue management, building management, and other security purposes. People Counting can be used in array of applications for different reasons in settings such as train stations, apartment buildings, churches, retail stores, supermarkets, and other high footfall conversion environments. While deterring criminal activity with a security camera, safely evaluate the amount of traffic walking through your event or store. With people counting, video analytics can confirm the success of promotional or charity events to understand what activities create more profit. Even reduce labor costs in a retail store by gathering data on when there is a higher-influx of people.

How to set up People Counting on an IP Security Camera

If your camera did not have settings like the video above then feel free to watch the following video. The following video is for IP cameras with firmware prior to 2019.

How to set People Counting on your security camera

By supervising crowd density through the people counting smart detection, you can easily monitor your exiting versus entering rates through one specific entrance. People counting can even be activated during specific time intervals as demonstrated in the video tutorial above. Time the rule to separate data for different events, or segment counts for day and night.

The best way to use the people counting smart detection function is to position the camera overhead and aim at the floor. This will provide accurate results by providing the camera a clear view of the entrance. Since these functions are in their first generation, we suggest using the People Counting function in small settings, such as the entry to a retail store, or place of worship to monitor and quantify foot traffic. Using the data provided by this method can help analyze the success of marketing efforts to bring people in.

Data obtained by the People Counting function can be graphed either as a bar graph or line chart. The function can be set to alert you of crossing statistics either daily, monthly, or yearly. People counting data can be stored for up to six months. Afterwards it will overwrite the data, so make sure to export it beforehand. Installing multiple cameras while using people counting is advised when the entrance is over 10ft. Even so, people counting is an accessible and easy solution to quantify foot traffic, evaluate promotions, and optimize labor needs based on visitor volume while still having high quality security footage provided by the same surveillance camera.

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