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IP cameras from CCTV Camera World are the best security cameras you can buy for your home or business. We specialize in professional equipment featuring high quality image sensors for the best color night vision, and AI based advanced motion-detection technology to reduce false alerts. Wired IP security cameras such as our PoE cameras are easy to connect to a Network Video recorder to build your own PoE camera system. Standalone Wireless Wi-Fi IP cameras are great for hard to wire locations, and allow recording to an internal microSD card. Constructed with metal or tough ABS plastic, our cameras are constructed to be weatherproof for worry-free installation for indoor or outdoor use. Select dome cameras also feature vandal-resistant design to prevent tampering. All of our wired IP cameras and home wireless IP security cameras are accessible wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet using our free mobile app from anywhere in the world where a broadband internet connection is available. Replace your doorbell cameras by using our two-way audio cameras such as Active Deterrence Cameras with HD video quality up to 4K.

How IP cameras work

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Best IP security cameras

The Best IP Camera

Our professional grade IP camera and PoE models allow customers to see fantastic detail from anywhere in the world using their smartphone or computer. When compared to home consumer cameras from Amazon or Big-box Stores, our cameras produce the best picture quality.

WiFi IP camera options

WiFi IP Cameras

Our business and home WiFi cameras use the latest WiFi security protocols to allow easy connection to a WiFi router or WiFi NVR. You can even mix wireless and wired cameras to record to a NVR.

4K IP Camera

4K IP Camera

The high quality image sensor inside our 4K security cameras produces incredibly detailed security footage - day and night.  Built for use with a NVR, NAS or as a Webcam for standalone use, our cameras provide flexibility for use in applications beyond home or business security. It is even easy to set up a 4K Live Stream camera of an event without the need of a dedicated PC to YouTube Live without any monthly charges.

Night Vision

IP Security Cameras with Night Vision

CCTV Camera World's cameras feature the best night vision ranges available. Our cameras use advanced image sensors with Starlight or LightHunter technology and are able to deliver color night vision in low ambient light.

DIY camera installation

DIY PoE Camera Installation

Easily connect our PoE cameras to a plug-and-play NVR with a single network Ethernet cable using Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology.

Video Reviews and Tutorials

IP Camera Video Reviews

Unlike our competitors who use deceptive marketing videos with stock footage to market their products, we take the time to showcase what you can expect from our cameras. Watch our video samples that review footage recorded directly from each camera to show exactly the quality of footage the camera sees.


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Which Resolution Should You Buy?

IP Camera Resolution Comparison

CCTV Camera World offers IP Security Cameras in resolutions ranging from 1080P (aka 2 Megapixels) to 12MP. Although 4K is considered Ultra HD, you can even go beyond 4K and attain even more detail with 12 Megapixels. For convenience we have grouped 8MP and 12MP cameras together in our 4K security camera page.

The image above compares the relative size of the picture rendered by security cameras of different resolutions. While it is not true to scale, the comparison is meant to illustrate that as camera resolution increases, the picture frame size and clarity increases as well.

When choosing which IP camera you should buy, it is important to ask yourself how far you would like to see facial detail? After extensive testing, we have developed the simple table below that explains the extent of possible facial capture among different camera resolutions.

Max Face Capture Distance In Daylight

ResolutionMax Distance
D1 / 960H10ft
8MP 4K55ft

To provide a visual perspective to the above table, we developed the CCTV Camera World Security Camera Matrix. We tested the different camera resolutions we offer at 10ft distance increments from the camera to determine how well they can capture facial detail. Our Security Camera Matrix serves as an important reference when choosing which resolution IP security camera you should buy.

Resolution Comparison of IP cameras from 1080P to 12MP 4K


Frequently Asked Questions

What are IP cameras?

IP cameras, also known as PoE Cameras or network cameras, are self-contained recording devices that can be used with a Network Video Recorder for long-term storage of video footage. While they are the main type of security cameras, they can also be used for other purposes such as a professional live stream feed to YouTube Live without the need for a PC. Wired network cameras connect to NVRs and computer networks using network cable, and wireless IP security cameras connect using WiFi.

How do IP cameras work?

They work by capturing video with an image sensor much like a digital camera. Inside the camera is a computer chip that compresses the video for live viewing or playback. IP security cameras work best when connected to an NVR to make a complete security camera system that provides long-term video storage. They can also be used as a webcam when used as a standalone security camera for remote viewing.

How to install IP cameras?

Installing IP cameras depends on their style and shape. Bullet cameras and Turret shaped cameras are easy to install to walls and ceilings. Dome cameras can be installed directly to ceilings or eaves and require additional mounting hardware for wall installations. Connecting the camera to an NVR is easy: connect one end of an ethernet network cable to the camera and the other end of the cable to the NVR. Allow the camera a couple of minutes to power on and voila! It’s really that easy with plug-and-play technology featured in IP Security Systems with PoE Cameras.

What is the difference between an IP Camera and CCTV Camera?

Analog Security Cameras, also known as CCTV cameras, use coax siamese cable to transmit video to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). The DVR converts the analog video signal into a digital format for storage on a hard drive inside.

IP cameras use Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, hence also called PoE cameras, to send video over network cable directly to a NVR (Network Video Recorder). Since they are digital cameras, video can also be transmitted over a computer network or to the Internet directly from the camera.

IP PoE cameras are easier to manage and offer better clarity than CCTV cameras. While both CCTV and IP support up to 4K resolution, the latter offers higher quality video with less artifacts along with a higher frames per second.The type of camera best for you depends on whether you would like to reuse existing coax cable from a previous CCTV system. If you're purchasing for the first time, an IP camera system would be the best for you.

Can IP cameras work without the internet?

It is a common misconception that network based cameras require the internet. The Internet is only needed for remote viewing over the web. Otherwise, cameras connect directly over network cabling to a NVR and from a Closed Circuit System.

Do IP cameras need WiFi?

Only wireless security cameras need WiFi to connect to the NVR or a computer network. WiFi is also needed if you want to watch a camera system using a mobile phone or tablet connected to the same WiFi router as the cameras.
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