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Most security and surveillance systems are designed to monitor the outside and perimeter of a home or establishment in order to catch criminals. Outdoor security cameras are used for more than just recording; they can also serve as an effective deterrent to criminals, who will often leave when they see a professional surveillance system. Outdoor cameras normally have IR LEDs that emit infrared light in the dark for night vision. Thanks to the latest Starlight sensor technology, some cameras can now see color during the night with little ambient lighting.

Learn More about security cameras CCTV Camera World offers a large assortment of outdoor surveillance cameras of many shapes and sizes, including domes, bullets, turrets, and box cameras. We have audio cameras, motorized zoom lens options, and PTZs with various smart features. Our cameras can provide you with peace of mind regardless of your security concerns for your home, business, storefront, or warehouse. With nearly two decades of experience, we go to great lengths to hand-pick the best outdoor security cameras that will provide high quality video capture and reliable weather resistance for worry-free operation.

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Outdoor Security Camera Buyer’s Guide

Most people begin their search for a surveillance system for their home or business with outdoor security cameras. As a bonus to securing your own home or business, local authorities can utilize the footage captured by your system to conduct investigations at other houses and businesses in the surrounding area. When burglars see that a building is secure, these systems may serve as a deterrent.

Installing outdoor security cameras allows you to keep a constant eye on anything valuable around your property. Whether a noise outside wakes you up or you're concerned about who's at your front door, a surveillance system provides peace of mind.

Because there are so many different manufacturers and brands to choose from, it can be challenging to go through and find reliable information. With terms like CCTV, IR Distance, DVR, BNC, and other technical jargon, it might be tough to find the right cameras. This guide will assist you in navigating the perplexing marketing that surrounds and complicates outdoor security cameras.

What is an outdoor security camera system?

Outdoor surveillance systems keep an eye on locations that may hold valuables or are easily accessible to intruders. Driveways, sidewalks, and entrances such as gates or fences are popular areas of interest. A system can be anything from a single camera recording a front porch to an extensive system for every zone of a property, depending on how many areas need to be monitored.

Coupled with cabling or wireless equipment you can mount a camera anywhere for your surveillance needs. With a compatible DVR or NVR, computer, and monitor, the system can be viewed from a central location. You may also set up remote viewing to keep a watchful eye using your Apple or Android phone when you're not at home.  Our free smartphone App also allows push notifications directly to your phone so you can be alerted of any trespassers.  Another benefit of purchasing a professional outdoor CCTV system is that there are no subscription fees. Once you purchase the cameras and recorder there is no recurring fee to own or operate your security system from CCTV Camera World.

While an indoor camera and outdoor camera may seem like the same thing there are significant differences between the two. Outdoor security cameras generally feature a wider angle of view to cover more area. Most if not all cameras made for installation outdoors will also include built-in infrared lights (IR) to allow for night vision. Each camera model will have a IR distance that is the length IR night vision will travel, allowing for general detail up to that distance in low light or night time conditions.

How do outdoor security cameras work?

Outdoor security cameras are installed to monitor an area or zone within your property where you want coverage. The cameras must be connected to a compatible DVR or NVR to record video files in a compressed form for later review. You can set up motion or smart detection to detect and record any potential threats upon activation. If an area is especially sensitive or needs a constant eye, you can record 24/7. Once the footage is recorded on your DVR you can playback, review, or export the stored files.

What types of outdoor security cameras are there?

Whether you are looking to replace an old system, cameras, or purchase a brand new system it’s important to understand what kind of camera options are available. With so many different types of cameras on the market it can be difficult to know what you need, or want. Below is a breakdown and recommendation for camera types.

Bullet Cameras

Named because of their shape, bullet cameras have a distinct long cylinder shape. They are most often used outdoors because their shape allows for plenty of room inside to accommodate lots of infrared LEDs. The greater the number of infrared LEDs, the farther the night vision the camera has. That's why large bullet cameras provide long range night vision up to 300ft, much farther than a dome or turret camera type. You can also find other advanced functions such as a Motorized Zoom Lens that allows for zoom during live viewing. As concerns installation, bullet cameras are also easier to install thanks to the 3-axis bracket design that allows easy positioning of the camera for the best view, while being mounted to a wall, pole, ceiling, eaves or overhang.

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are ideal for locations where they may be subject to tampering, or a discreet and compact camera option is needed for aesthetics. If the camera is being mounted at a height where it may be within reach, a vandal proof dome camera is recommended. Night vision distance is usually limited to a maximum of 130ft since dome camera casings are usually compact. Wide angle views are usually more common in dome security cameras as they are frequently used for short range surveillance indoors or near an entryway. 360 Degree Security Cameras are a type of dome camera that provides a fisheye view to monitor a complete room with only one camera. Domes vary in size from 3 to 6 inches in diameter, and can be mounted to a ceiling or overhang directly. Wall mounting a dome usually requires the use of a wall bracket that fits the camera.

PTZ Cameras

Also known as Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras, they are usually large in size ranging from 4 to 9 inches in diameter depending on the optical zoom power and night vision distance of the camera. Their main use is in surveillance applications where a security guard is actively monitoring individuals. Newer PTZ types such as an Auto Tracking PTZ camera, use artificial intelligence to track individuals and vehicles in slow traffic areas. Auto Tracking Cameras are suitable for perimeter security in a low traffic area with a clear unobstructed view of the perimeter to track trespassers or be alerted of when an intruder is detected. Other PTZs can be used in retail stores, shopping malls, train stations, and airports. 

Box Cameras

Box cameras are professional cameras that are composed of a camera and lens inside a CCTV camera housing or enclosure to protect it from the weather. The enclosure allows the camera to be used in environments where a rugged outdoor security camera is needed. The combination of a box camera, cctv lens, and camera enclosure allows for a modular design that is low-cost for long term maintenance in a commercial security camera system. Box cameras are available with heater blower housings to withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures, infrared housings, or a simple outdoor CCTV enclosure without a fan or heating element. 

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